Equinox Calculator

Use the Equinox Calculator to calculate target race times for the Equinox Marathon. It is currently only useful to project an Equinox time based on a flat race or training run time. I hope to put the math in for elevation gain so you can use hilly runs for projections, but for now that'll have to wait.

OK, so you have decided to run the Equinox, but what should your target time be?

Say you have just done the Midnight Sun Run (6.21 miles) in 43:30. Are you on-track for a 4 hour Equinox? Enter your distance and time, click on the button and voila! the Equinox calculator says yes, but only just: that translates into an Equinox time of 3:59:33.

If you are preparing for a half-marathon, or a 10k or ten-mile race, just substitute the correct distance. Because of my modifications, however, it will probably not be useful unless those target races are similar to the Equinox (i.e. mixed trail runs with 150' per mile of elevation gain).

Enter your best training run...      (just write over the default data)

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Enter the time you just took:

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The distance for which you are training:

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And now...   

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Target split time:

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Target split time:

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Pretty cool, huh? Wish I could take credit for it! Alas, I can not. Used by kind permission of Michael Liebreich.